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4 Types of Essays Every College Student Should Know

"I need to hire someone to write my essay for me for cheap" — how often we hear it from modern students. Indeed, now learners prefer to trust their assignments to professional writers and devote their free time to something more important: social life, job, etc. It isn’t worth condemning people for it because most of them have valid reasons to do it. However, one of the key reasons is the lack of understanding. Any person who had to write an essay at least once can agree that this assignment is one of the most difficult.
And even though essay writing is a part of the school curriculum, most college students continue experiencing difficulties with it. Mastering writing skills is a good investment in a person's future, and it’s important to make a flying start in it. And as you already guessed, a good start means gaining an understanding of the essay types. The total number of all essay types is huge, and knowing all of them is unnecessary for the beginner.
That’s why you must get acquainted with four the most widespread college essay types:

Narrative essay

When the teacher asks you to tell a story, you have to write a narrative essay. It’s one of the easiest types of essay writing because you have to use your real-life experience to write it. You don’t need to spend time making up a story, just give a shake to memory. Write from the first person and try to make your story vivid and engaging. It’s not so difficult since the topics for narrative essays are often clear and simple.

Persuasive essay

Here the writer faces a more complicated task. Besides the fact that you have to express and defend your point of view on any matter, you have to convince the reader and make him or her accept your point of view as the only true one. It’s rather difficult, especially when you have no experience in writing. No wonder that many students facing persuasive essays decide to order a paper essay online — it gives them confidence that the paper will be written well. The key to a successful persuasive essay is a clear presentation of the information, the presence of facts and logic.

Descriptive essay

The essence of this type of writing is clear from the title. A person who writes a descriptive essay is a painter who uses words instead of a brush and paints. This essay requires you to describe a certain object. The good thing is that you’re free to choose the object: it can be a person, event, place, memory, the thing you use, etc. Using various stylistic devices and expressive means is obligatory because you aim to describe the object brightly and vividly to touch the reader’s soul and emotions.

Expository essay

If you like to express your thoughts clearly and unemotionally, you won’t have difficulties while writing an expository essay. This essay requires deep research and analysis of the topic. It’s necessary because the writer needs to explain this topic using facts, arguments, and other evidence. Any expository essay is just a statement of the facts. Sometimes it’s necessary to read a template to understand how to write it. Order an expository essay from to be sure that you get the paper written according to all essay writing rules. Only this paper can be used as a template.